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Bike trip

On March 14th 2018 I set off on a bike trip from Amsterdam to the great wall of China. Although I don't intend to keep up a blog, facebook page or twitter feed, I will be carrying along a sketch book and a couple of 3b pencils. Any new material will be posted here.

The route

The plan for the European leg is to cross the Alps, pedal through Italy to Bari, cross the Adriatic sea and follow the via Egnatia from Durrës, Albania to Istanbul, Turkey.

The Central Asian leg crosses Turkey from west to east, then swings north via Georgia and Azerbaijan to the port of Baku. From there, the idea is to take the ferrry across the Caspian Sea to Kazachstan and make a final push through the summer heat towards western Tajikistan.

The Pamir highway is the stuff of cycling legend. This is the bit that, for now at least, I'm the most excited about. I hope to be in Dushanbe by late July / early August and follow the highway for as long as it takes towards Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.

From that point on I don't really have a set plan. The eventual goal is to reach the great wall of China although I haven't yet researched  possible routes or the the required visa procedures beyond Kyrgyzstan in great detail.


For interested bike and camping gear nerds, here's a detailed list of the stuff I'm taking with me.

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