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Bike trip

In March 2018 I set off from Amsterdam on a bike trip to the Great Wall of China around the world. While I don't have a blog, facebook page or twitter feed I am carrying along a gps tracker that updates my position on the map  and a small camera.

The route

The first leg of my trip has involved pedalling the length of the Eurasian landmass. Along the way I crossed the vast and awesome Karakalpakstan steppe, the Pamir highway, and the Gobi desert.

The second leg of the trip has taken me down under. Starting out from Perth, Australia, I inched my way across the seemingly infinite Nullarbor plain, had a brief taste of an Australian heatwave, and finished off in wet and sandy fashion on New Zealand's ninety mile beach.

Leg three has seen me crossing the United States from coast to coast. Beginnning in San Francisco I followed the Pacific Coast Highway before turning east towards New York. En route I got to meet a cowboy, a Methodist pastor, Appalachian hikers, and many more colourful characters.

To complete the bike trip I plan to set out from Porto, Portugal in May 2019 and make my way back to Amsterdam from there. If all goes well I should be home in time to see the finish of this year's Giro d'Italia.

How about skipping bits?

Not if I can help it. I can't ride my bicycle across the oceans so that means taking boats or aeroplanes. When I'm on land I want to cover every millimetre by bicycle. These are the exceptions:


For curious bike and camping gear nerds, here's a detailed list of the stuff I'm carrrying along with me.

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